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Stellate Ganglion Blocks

Stellate ganglion blocks consist of a local anesthetic and a steroid. The blocks are injected into the sympathetic nerve tissue of the neck, which are part of the sympathetic nerve system. The targeted nerves are located on either side of the voice box.

How it Works

Stellate ganglion blocks prevent the nerves from sending pain signals and also help to reduce swelling. Mobility is often improved. This pain management injection takes less than 30 minutes and is performed using x-ray imaging.


Stellate ganglion blocks may be used for pain caused by:

  • Herpes zoster virus (shingles)
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Sympathetic pain
  • Sympathetic dystrophy
  • Phantom limb pain

The injections typically work best for recent onset pain.


You will feel relief almost immediately from the local anesthetic, but this will wear off in a few hours. More long term relief comes from the steroid. You will have longer periods of relief with each injection. The total number of injections needed depends on each patient.

You might experience soreness in your neck at the injection site, as well as congestion, a hoarse voice, and warmth in your arm. These side effects are temporary. You should have a ride home following your injection, but you will be able to resume your regular activities the next day.

If you have chronic neck pain, pain management injection today to schedule an appointment with Allied Pain & Spine Institute.

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