Chronic Pain Relief and Injury Rehabilitation

At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, our focus is on providing cutting-edge care for our patients that are in pain or lack mobility. On top of addressing many spinal, nerve and orthopedic issues, our team is committed to finding the best treatments for chronic pain of any type and helping our patients receive the best rehabilitation for their injuries. Our facility in San Jose is equipped with the most advanced medical technology for efficient diagnosis and effective treatment for our patients.

Pain and injuries come in many forms and require customized treatments for the best results. Our team of multiple board certified physicians, chiropractors and other medical specialists are committed to offering personalized care for each patient, with treatments geared toward their overall wellness. Some of the many chronic pains, diseases and injuries we can treat at our clinics include:

Our goal at Allied Pain & Spine Institute is to carefully diagnose each patient and find the best option for treatment based on their condition, lifestyle and medical history. No two patients are the same, nor are their ailments. We believe this personalized approach and using less invasive options for treatment can benefit our patients, both with immediate relief and long-term wellness.

If you have been injured, have chronic pain or are suffering from a degenerative condition, contact our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute today. We offer innovative options to reduce discomfort and pain, with cutting-edge treatments for many types of medical conditions.