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Treatment for Elbow Pain and Injuries

When you are suffering from elbow pain from an injury or inflammation, you may need medical treatment to restore function and reduce discomfort. Our experts at Allied Pain & Spine Institute have several treatment options to help address pain in the elbow, as well as rehabilitate this important joint. Our clinics use the latest medical techniques and innovative treatment modalities for chronic pain conditions to quicken your recovery while reducing your discomfort.

There are many different types of elbow issues that can cause pain and discomfort. Some of the common medical issues involving the elbow include:

Our diverse medical team can help diagnose the cause of elbow pain and devise a treatment plan. Determining the cause of the pain and dysfunction allows our experts to prescribe the correct course of treatment to minimize discomfort and restore mobility. We utilize the latest technology and techniques to give you relief with a personalized treatment plan for your medical issue.

Rehabilitation for Injured Elbows

Like any major joint in the body, the elbow has many working elements that need to be addressed when recovering from an injury. The muscles, ligaments and tendons may need stretching and strengthening, while protecting the joint from further injury. During rehabilitation, we can create a treatment plan that helps reduce inflammation while improving the function. Our clinic offers physiotherapy, injection therapy, acupuncture, pain management and many other treatment options to help you through your recovery and give you the best options to restore mobility in your elbow after an injury.

If you have elbow pain or are recovering from an elbow injury, contact our clinic in San Jose. Our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute offers innovative options for treatment to reduce pain and strengthen your elbow for a quick, effective recovery.

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