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Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Pain and lack of mobility are the two main symptoms of frozen shoulder. For those with this condition, it can become difficult and painful to raise their arms or do a normal range of motion with their shoulder, limiting their activities. To recover from frozen shoulder, treatment is needed to help improve mobility while relieving shoulder pain, which we offer at Allied Pain & Spine Institute.

Unfortunately, frozen shoulder is not a quick turnaround for recovery, but you can regain your full mobility. The bands within the shoulder capsule become tight, making it stiff and painful to use. Our team of rehabilitation specialists can help design a treatment plan to offer pain relief while improving the mobility of the joint and muscles. We have injection therapy, pain management options and innovative physical therapy that can loosen the tightened joint to quicken recovery. Through stretching and strengthening, the shoulder can regain its former mobility and give you back full use of your shoulder joint and arm.

What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

The cause of frozen shoulder is not always known. It is more common in adults 40-60 years of age and certain diseases can put you at higher risk for this condition, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hyperthyroidism and Parkinson’s disease. Another common cause of frozen shoulder is limited motion for long periods of time. This can occur due to an injury to the arm or hand that requires limited motion during healing, which can allow the shoulder to “freeze” and need treatment to loosen the tendons, muscles and ligaments.

If you are suffering from frozen shoulder, get relief from the pain and quicken your recovery by contacting our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute today. We can offer effective options for treating shoulder, spine, joint and nerve conditions at our facility in San Jose.

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