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Functional Restoration Program

Overcoming an injury and the accompanying pain for injured workers can be difficult, often making the road to recovery and returned function long and frustrating. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we understand the physical and psychological hurdles that injured workers face when striving to return to their daily activities and employment after an injury. Our multi-faceted Functional Restoration Program (FRP) is designed to help restore function for injured workers, allowing them to get back to gainful employment.

Our FRP involves three tiers to help our patients: medical treatment, pain psychology and therapy services. Often these areas of recovery are explored separately; but with FRP, they are combined into one program that uses interdisciplinary methods to address how each impacts the patient’s daily living goals, including the eventual return to work. This is a longer program that lasts from four to six weeks, with full-time participation for quicker recovery.

Our FRP Mission and Patient Goals

Our mission is to provide an individual with the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge and behavioral changes necessary to avoid preventable complications and assume or reassume primary responsibility for his or her physical and emotional well-being after the injury. The focus is on increasing activities of daily living (ADL), including returning to work. The individual thereby maximizes functional independence and the pursuit of vocational and avocational goals, as measured by functional improvement.
The goal with FRP is to help patients overcome the various difficulties they may experience during recovery. Unlike physical therapy or psychotherapy for pain management alone, our FRP incorporates the various factors that can hinder recovery. Through a methodical process, a reformation of thought and neuromuscular patterns can be established, helping overcome pain and physical limitations. The combined treatments used in FRP have been shown to offer faster and superior results over separate therapies when it comes to restoring function and overcoming emotional pain issues.

What to Expect with FRP at Allied Pain & Spine Institute

To achieve our mission and goals for recovery with FRP, we have created an on-campus program that is done in a group setting. Each patient will have a customized approach to their medical treatments and therapy, along with group sessions for other aspects of their recovery. The program is in-house and requires full-time participation to achieve the desired results, which is Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. Included in our FRP:

  • Medication optimization
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy group
  • Physical conditioning
  • Vocational counseling
  • Participant team meetings

Our team of professionals in the FRP provide a safe environment for patient recovery and confidentiality. As with all our medical services, patients utilizing FRP can expect to be treated with respect and professionalism, with encouragement to meet their goals. All FRP patients will receive complete, accurate and objective assessments to help them gauge their progress as they work toward restoring function physically and emotionally through the program.

Good candidates for FRP include those who want to regain their independence and return to gainful employment after a serious injury – many FRP patients are also dealing with chronic pain. The program can help those willing to work toward these goals by improving strength, fitness, mobility and pain management, giving them the tools they need to rebound from their injury. The length of the program depends on the initial assessment and how quickly patients achieve goals in the various aspects of their treatment plan.

Allied Pain & Spine Institute is dedicated to providing the most advanced options for rehabilitation and pain management for our patients. To learn more about FRP or any of our cutting-edge medical services, contact one of our clinics to schedule a consultation.

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