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When it comes to comprehensive care for chronic pain relief and treatment of spinal conditions, Allied Pain & Spine Institute is your source in Mountain View for innovative medical care. Since 2013, our team of physicians and medical professionals have been offering a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment, to ensure our patients get accurate, personalized care. Our cutting-edge medical treatments and diagnostic innovations have made our clinics the best source for pain relief in the Bay Area.

When you live with recurring or chronic pain, every day can be a challenge. Our team of medical professionals at APSI can help uncover the source of your pain and create a treatment plan that will give you the relief you deserve. There are many different treatment options that offer sustained management and relief from your pain, giving you back control of your life.

Effective Pain Management and Relief

Chronic pain can derail your life, making it difficult to work and enjoy the activities you love. Finding the source of your pain is the first step in creating a treatment plan that will offer long-term relief. At APSI, we believe surgery should be the last resort for treating pain. We offer many non-invasive treatments that have been proven to offer relief and restore mobility. Our doctors, chiropractors and other specialists work together to find a customized treatment plan for each of our patients that will address their specific concerns and give them relief. Some services we offer include:

A Multidisciplinary Approach Ensures You Receive Effective Treatment

With back or spine problems and other sources of chronic pain, treatment needs to be customized to the patient. At APSI, we have doctors, chiropractors and other specialists that work together to create personalized treatment plans for our patients. This multidisciplinary approach is what makes us unique and effective to help our patients with chronic pain.

If you live in Mountain View and are looking for advanced options to treat back or spine disorders, chronic pain or any other debilitating conditions, contact APSI today. We have an office in Mountain View and we can help you regain mobility and provide freedom from pain with our innovative treatment options.

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