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Ankle Pain Treatment

When you have ankle or foot pain, it can be difficult to enjoy your life. Any movement can be excruciating and even sleep can be difficult. Whether you injured your ankle or have undiagnosed foot pain, our team of specialists at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can help give you pain relief and improved mobility. We offer many options for treating ankle and foot pain at our clinics in the San Jose area.

Ankle injuries and damage are common. Ankles are put under excessive strain and stress. A simple twisting when walking can cause extensive pain, as can damage to the joint or musculoskeletal system. Our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can devise a treatment plan for ankle pain, diagnosing the issue and recommending treatments to improve your symptoms. We offer pain management therapy and mobility improvement through physiotherapy that can give you relief and help improve your ankle function.

Foot Pain and Injury Relief

When your foot is in pain, there are many factors that need consideration. Bones, tendons and muscles in the foot can be damaged from injury or degenerative issues, causing your pain. We offer orthopedic care that can relieve the pain and help prevent future issues with your feet. Our advanced techniques and equipment can help determine the cause of foot problems, devising a treatment plan that will have you back on your feet again without discomfort. We offer injection therapy, physiotherapy and pain management treatments that can give you immediate and long-term relief from foot pain.

Get back to enjoying your favorite activities without ankle or foot pain. Contact our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute today to schedule an evaluation and consultation to get an accurate diagnosis and begin a treatment plan to end your ankle or foot pain.

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