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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The feet and ankle can be affected by nerve pain. One type of nerve issue in the foot is tarsal tunnel syndrome, a compression of the posterior tibial nerve that passes through the tarsal tunnel in the ankle. In many cases, treatment and rehabilitation may be needed to strengthen the ankle and reduce pressure on the nerve for recovery. Our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can create a treatment plan for our patients with tarsal tunnel syndrome to reduce pain and restore mobility in the ankle.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome can be caused by an injury, inflammation, a cyst or arthritis, but it can also appear without an apparent reason. The symptoms include tingling or burning pain in the heel, arch or toes. The bottom of the foot can be tender, and there can also be numbness. While the pain may be like other foot issues, the tingling and numbness are common in nerve conditions and can help differentiate and diagnose tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Therapy for Foot Nerve Pain

To treat tarsal tunnel syndrome, our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute will look at the possible causes of pressure on the posterior tibial nerve while passing through the ankle. In some cases, inflammation from osteoarthritis or injury can be causing the pressure. In other cases, it may be a lack of strength in the tendons or muscles in the ankle that is causing an overpronation that puts pressure on the nerve. Treatment can include physiotherapy to strengthen the ankle, along with options to reduce inflammation or other pressures on the nerve.

If you are suffering from foot pain or have been diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome, contact our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute in San Jose. We offer treatment to give you relief from your nerve pain and help you prevent future issues with this foot condition with physiotherapy.

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