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Tension Headaches

There’s nothing like a tension headache to stop you in your tracks. Even if you have a busy life with many commitments and responsibilities, a tension headache has the power to put all of that on the back burner as it calls for your undivided attention with head pain.


As is the case with many other symptoms and medical conditions, the causes of tension headaches can be many and varied. As the name implies, the cause can be anything related to tension and stress. This can include overexertion, such as too much work and not enough rest, emotional irritation, lack of sleep, and muscle tension in the upper body area, such as the neck.


Symptoms of tension headaches include tension- or pressure-filled pain that is aching and throbbing in any one area of the head, such as the back of the head near the neck, or throughout the entire head. Dizziness, weakness, and fatigue can be other symptoms. Headache symptoms can vary from person to person and within the same person from one headache to the other.

Headache symptoms can occur with any frequency, whether that’s weekly, monthly, or only occasionally. Some people rarely experience tension headache symptoms or may experience them at some times of their lives and not others. Headaches may be more frequent and severe when a person is going through a time of intense stress.


Although tension headaches can be anything from a minor nuisance to an all-out diversion from your usual routine, there is much you can do about them. There are some valuable and effective treatments that you need to know about. A focus on nutritional wellness can help. This includes eating nutritious, homemade, and whole foods, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, while avoiding all sorts of additives and toxins, such as artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, sugar, and processed foods.

Another valuable treatment for any type of pain, including headaches, is acupuncture. This therapy that’s based in Chinese medicine and works by balancing the body’s energy system involves placing thin, sterile needles on various key points of the body. Chiropractic treatments can also help tremendously with tension headaches as they balance the body’s entire musculoskeletal system.

If you suffer from frequent tension headaches, contact Allied Pain & Spine Institute today to schedule a consultation to receive the relief you need.

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