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Shoulder Pain Treatment

When you experience severe shoulder pain, doing everyday tasks can be excruciating. Even lifting light items or putting on a jacket can be difficult. The first step to eliminating shoulder pain is to find the source of the pain and get effective treatment. Our medical experts at Allied Pain & Spine Institute are efficient at finding the cause of shoulder pain, with innovative options to relieve pain while improving mobility.

Shoulder pain can be localized or radiate from other sources. An injury to the shoulder itself can cause pain; even an injury to the arm or hand can result in shoulder pain or lack of mobility, such as frozen shoulder. Bursitis can cause shoulder pain, which can be treated for relief. Another source of shoulder pain is the spine. Compressed nerves in the cervical area can cause shoulder pain and weakness.

At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we look at all possible causes of shoulder pain and find the best treatment to give immediate and long-term relief. If it is a spinal issue such as spinal stenosis, bulging discs or herniated discs causing the nerve pain in the shoulder, we offer effective treatments to relieve pressure on the compressed nerves. We always explore the least invasive options to treat spinal issues; even if surgery is necessary, we offer endoscopic options that are outpatient and minimally invasive for quicker recovery.

Shoulder Injury Rehab and Therapy

If you have had a shoulder injury, the source of your pain can be obvious. Rehabilitation and therapy is needed to relieve the pain and regain mobility and strength in the shoulder. We offer effective options to reduce pain and inflammation, with physiotherapy to help improve the flexibility and strength of the shoulder muscles, tendons and joints.

For shoulder pain or injury recovery, contacting our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute today for excellent care and advanced options in rehabilitation in San Jose.

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