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Groin Strain Treatment

For anyone that has had a groin injury, it is not a pain you want to feel again. When any of the five groin abductor muscles are torn or ruptured, this pain condition can cause intense pain and limited mobility. While most common in athletes when performing high-speed maneuvers, there are other risk factors that can lead to this type of injury. Our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute offers effective treatment for groin strain and looks at the possible contributing factors to repeated groin injuries.

Groin strains usually occur when a quick change in direction or kicking motion is used in sports, tearing or overstretching the abductor muscle. But, it is more likely to occur when there are other factors contributing to the injury. Tightened or weak abductor muscles can make it more likely to strain the groin, common in those who attempt movements they are not physically conditioned to perform. Lower back problems can also contribute to the likelihood of a groin injury.

Effective Groin Strain Therapy

Our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can help our patients with groin injuries overcome the pain and regain their mobility. We offer treatments to help with the inflammation and pain, including ultrasound, electrotherapy, medications and injections. Our physical therapists can help devise a physiotherapy plan to increase strength, regain mobility and protect the groin from further injuries. We also will evaluate for any other issues that could contribute to the groin strain, such as lower back issues, that can also be treated at our facility.

If you have a groin strain or injury and need pain relief and recovery, come see our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute. We can help you get relief from your pain and discomfort, as well as manage your rehabilitation and prevention of further groin injuries. Contact us at our clinic in San Jose to schedule your exam and evaluation.

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