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Knee Pain Treatment

One of the most common joints to cause pain and limit mobility are the knees. Put under extreme stress, wear/tear, impact and degeneration, knees are notoriously prone to pain and injury. Our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can help diagnose knee pain and determine the best options for recovery and relief. We have board certified physicians and physical therapists that offer non-surgical treatment plans that can help relieve your knee pain and help improve your mobility.

Due to the complexity of the knee joint, determining the cause of pain or dysfunction requires extensive evaluation. X-rays or an MRI may be required to uncover the source of pain. Common issues in the knee are arthritis, bursitis, sprains, ligament injuries and cartilage maladies. Treatment can vary from physical therapy and inflammation control to pain medication and injections, all depending on the source of pain. We offer conservative treatments and alternative solutions for knee pain that can help improve your mobility, lessen your pain and quicken your recovery at our clinic in San Jose.

Knee Injury Rehabilitation

If you have injured a knee, it can take time to heal and recover from your injury. You will also need rehabilitation to restore strength and flexibility to your joint, while managing pain and discomfort. Our team offers a comprehensive treatment plan for knee rehab, including managing pain, inflammation and discomfort. Through physiotherapy and other treatments, we can help you regain mobility in your knee and limit the discomfort during recovery.

You do not need to live with knee pain from injury or disease. Come visit our experienced medical team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute to explore options for improving your mobility and decreasing your pain with our knee treatment options. Contact us today to schedule your exam and evaluation with one of our medical specialists.

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