Treatment Modalities

Your quality of life is important to you, and to our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute. We have designed our clinics to address a wide variety of medical problems that can cause pain and functional issues for our patients that impact their quality of life. Our approach uses the most advanced methodology, techniques and treatment modalities that can impact the cause of pain and dysfunction, improving life for our patients.

Every medical issue or injury is as unique as our patients. There is never a set treatment plan for a certain condition; our team uses a personalized approach to determine the best options for relief and recovery for the individual and their medical concern. We focus on non-invasive options that have been scientifically proven to provide value in treatment, giving our patients access to the best care for their situation. Some of the treatment modalities we use include:

Often, a combination of treatments is used together to get the best results. Since every patient responds differently, we carefully evaluate pain and function throughout treatment to devise the best course to achieve optimum health. It is this customized approach that sets our methods apart and gives our patients the highest level of care through every stage of their treatment at our clinics.

Back and spinal issues are one of the main reasons our patients come to Allied Pain & Spine Institute for help. With our advanced technology and treatment options, we offer the best course of action for eliminating and controlling back pain, as well as many other injury conditions. If you are suffering from back, joint or general chronic pain, please contact one of our clinics to schedule a consultation. Our team will begin your evaluation and help find the best treatment modality to give you a better quality of life.