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Radial Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

There are three nerve tunnels that can impact the function of the arm and hand: carpal, cubital and radial. All three can result in syndromes and symptoms that can cause discomfort and dysfunction, including radial tunnel syndrome. Our team of musculoskeletal and nerve experts at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can help diagnose radial tunnel syndrome and create an effective treatment plan for relief.

The radial tunnel goes through the outside of the elbow and is made from tendons, bone and muscle, protecting the radial nerve as it passes through to the hand. When this tunnel is damaged, the nerve can become pinched. This often is caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons that create the radial tunnel.

Treatment for radial tunnel syndrome usually begins with resting the arm and allowing the strained muscles and tendons to heal. However, radial tunnel syndrome is often caused by repeated, replicated movement at the workplace. For long-term relief without surgery, physiotherapy can be used, along with anti-inflammatory injections or medications. Changes need to be made to accommodate a different movement to accomplish the same tasks to protect the radial nerve.

Symptoms of Radial Tunnel Syndrome

If your radial nerve is pinched or impacted, your symptoms will often occur in your forearm. You may have a dull ache and fatigue on the outside of the elbow and down the forearm during use. You may also feel the pain and weakness in your wrist and top of the hand. Often the symptoms are felt more prominently when you straighten your wrist or fingers.

If you have been diagnosed with radial tunnel syndrome or have the symptoms, contact our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute today to schedule an evaluation. We offer many treatment options to help give you relief and improve your function.

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