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Ankle Sprain Treatment

A twist of the foot or a fall can stretch or tear ligaments in the ankle, causing a sprain. If one or more ligament is torn, it can be badly sprained and cause extreme ankle pain and swelling. While a twisted ankle is common and can heal with a little rest, a severely sprained ankle may require rehabilitation to restore strength and stability. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we can help our patients with sprained ankles get the treatment they need to recover from their injury.

When ligaments are stretched or torn, the ankle is no longer secure. Not only may it be painful to put weight on your foot, you can further injure your ankle if proper rehabilitation is not performed. Often, it is a lack of strength in these muscles and tendons that causes the initial injury. Strengthening through physical therapy can help with recovery from the injury, and help prevent future injuries by stabilizing the muscles and tendons in the ankle.

Effective Rehab for Badly Sprained Ankles

At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we have physicians and rehabilitation specialists that can create a treatment plan for badly sprained ankles. This can include physical therapy, ice/heat therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. You may also need a brace or orthotics to stabilize your ankles during your rehabilitation. Our team creates a personalized treatment plan that will help you restore your mobility quicker and prevent repetitive sprains from occurring. We also have options to manage pain and help improve your comfort level during recovery.

Our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute offers a wide variety of services for pain and injuries, from head to toe. Our team of multiple board certified physicians and other medical specialists offer innovative options for healing at our clinic in San Jose. Contact us if you have a sprained ankle or other injury for effective rehabilitation and treatment.

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