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Back Sprain Treatment

When you have localized pain in your back from an injury, it often can be a strain or sprain. A sprain is a torn or stretched ligament, while a strain is a pulled or damaged muscle or tendon. Either injury can be painful and limit mobility. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we offer effective treatment options for back sprains and strains to relieve the pain and improve your mobility quicker during recovery from your injury.

Back sprains are often caused by a fall that can cause a quick twist of the back ligaments. Sprains can also occur from impact to the back that force ligaments out of their normal alignment. Treatment for a back sprain at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can include medication therapy to help relieve inflammation and pain. Other options include physiotherapy and other modalities that we offer at our clinics.

Effective Back Strain Therapy

A back strain can occur when lifting or moving a heavy object pulls too hard on a muscle or tendon. It can also occur when overuse of back muscles happens through repeated movements. Our team of back specialists can evaluate back strains and create a therapy plan that will reduce pain while allowing the muscles and tendons to heal. Effective therapy can also include exercises and physiotherapy that strengthens the back to reduce the chance of further injury while improving function and comfort. Medications and other therapy options may also be part of the treatment plan to reduce inflammation and pain.

Back strains and sprains can often keep occurring if you do not get the right treatment. Our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can help find the right combination of physical therapy and other innovative treatments to give you immediate relief and help prevent future back problems. Contact us today to get relief from your back pain problems.

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