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Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatments

At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we strive to help our patients with neck and back pain and dysfunction find treatments that are effective and less invasive. Whenever possible, we prefer to use conservative, non-surgical treatments that can be effective with less risk or discomfort for our patients. However, there are spinal conditions that can require surgical intervention to get the highest level of treatment. When conservative treatments are no longer an option, we offer minimally-invasive surgical treatments at our facilities in San Jose and Los Gatos.

Conventional or open back surgery can be very invasive and have high risks. The larger incisions can lead to extensive blood loss and added discomfort during recovery. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, our physicians have expertise in endoscopic surgeries that can offer the same results as conventional open back surgeries, without the higher risks and discomfort. Often referred to as the “band-aid back surgery,” the endoscopic variety of spine repair only uses a tiny incision, small enough to be covered with a typical bandage. This reduces risk during surgery, hastens recovery, limits the scar size and lessens pain for the patient.

When surgery is needed for spine treatment, it is often to repair vertebrae discs, remove bone spurs, remove pressure on nerves or stabilize the spine. This can be accomplished using small tools to access the spine through endoscopic applications, guided by advanced imagery. We offer the following minimally-invasive surgeries at our clinics for spinal treatment:

If you have tried conservative methods for treating your back or neck condition, but still have not found relief, contact Allied Pain & Spine Institute today. We can evaluate your condition and create a treatment plan to address your spinal issue. If surgery is needed, we can perform minimally-invasive surgery for a quicker recovery with less risk and improved results.

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