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Knee Sprain Treatment

The ligaments in the knee allow it to bend, twist and move for mobility, but they are also prone to injury. When a knee sprain occurs, these ligaments can be stretched or torn, causing intensive pain, inflammation and dysfunction. Our team of medical experts at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can help our patients with sprains relieve knee pain and recover through rehabilitation at our state-of-the-art facility in San Jose.

Knee injuries often occur during sports activities but can also occur during an accidental fall, anything that pulls the knee in the wrong direction. When a knee sprain occurs, there can be immediate pain, swelling and a lack of mobility with the knee. All knee sprains can often be treated with RICE, rest, ice, compression and elevation for immediate relief. However, more severe knee sprains can require medical treatment. If an injury to the knee occurs, it is important to get a medical evaluation to determine the level of injury. Knee sprains can require physical therapy and other treatments for recovery, even surgery in severe cases.

Effective Rehab for Sprained Knees

If you have a sprained knee and need rehabilitation, our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute is here to help you recover. We offer advanced methods for physiotherapy to get the best results during your knee rehab. We also offer innovative treatments to manage pain and inflammation, including injection therapy and PRP treatments. We use the latest techniques and options to help our patients recover quickly and regain their strength and mobility during their recovery from a severe knee sprain.

If you or a family member has a severe knee sprain in the San Jose area, contact our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute today. We offer effective options to rehabilitate knee sprains and offer pain relief during recovery.

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