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Peripheral Joint Injections

Peripheral joint injections can be performed in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle in order to relieve pain and inflammation.

How it Works

Peripheral joint injections are performed using x-ray imaging in order to provide accuracy. The injection consists of a local anesthetic and a long lasting steroid. The injection takes only a few minutes to perform, and the result is joints that are easier to move with reduced pain.


Since peripheral joint injections can be performed in a variety of locations, there is a wide range of conditions that they can be used to manage. Injuries, overuse conditions, and osteoarthritis are all conditions that could benefit from relief provided by peripheral joint injections.


You will feel relief almost right away from the local anesthetic in the injection, followed by more long term relief from the steroid in two to five days. Peripheral joint injections can provide relief anywhere from several weeks to many months, though your results depend on the condition that is causing your pain. The injections can be repeated if they are beneficial.

It is normal to experience soreness and redness at the injection site, but this is temporary. You can return to normal activities the next day.

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