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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

There is nothing funny about cubital tunnel syndrome, even though it involves the same nerve that causes the sensation of hitting your funny bone. The ulnar nerve that passes through your elbow to your outside fingers can be impacted when the cubital tunnel no longer protects it. Our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can help minimize elbow pain and dysfunction from cubital tunnel syndrome with treatment at our clinic in San Jose.

Cubital tunnel syndrome can occur when the muscles, ligaments and bone that create the cubital tunnel for the ulnar nerve fails. This can happen when repeated pressure is put on the outside of the elbow or through injury. Leaning on your elbow at your desk or while driving can affect the nerve; constant pulling using your elbow can lead to injury. Once the ulnar nerve is exposed, it can cause symptoms that include:

  • Tingling or numbness in the pinky and ring finger
  • Pain or numbness in the inside of the hand
  • Weakness or dysfunction in the hand

The symptoms may worsen when the elbow is bent for extended periods or when pressure is put on the elbow.

Non-Surgical Therapy Options

While there are surgery options for treating cubital tunnel syndrome, often relief can be obtained through non-surgical treatments. Our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute can devise a treatment plan to help minimize impact to the ulnar nerve and strengthen the muscles in the forearm. We offer treatments to minimize pain and discomfort, and physiotherapy to improve function. Through exercises and preventive measures, we can often help improve the function of the hand and relieve discomfort without the need for cubital tunnel surgery.

If you have been experiencing symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome, contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute. We can help diagnose and treat your symptoms, while improving your hand mobility and comfort.

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