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Neck Pain

A “pain in the neck” isn’t just a common saying. Many patients experience back and neck pain at one time or the other and for various reasons.


Sometimes the cause or causes of neck pain are known, and sometimes they aren’t. The pain can stem from degeneration as well as nerve, joint, or muscle problems. Possible causes can also include injury such as while exercising or lifting something too heavy, stress-related tension, nutritional deficiency, poor posture, or misalignment in the spine. Sometimes holding the neck and upper body in the same position for too long, such as while working at a computer, can cause or contribute to neck pain. Certain diseases and chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can also cause this type of pain.


When you have neck pain, symptoms include tenderness, tension, and discomfort ranging from mild to severe. Pain may radiate to surrounding areas, such as your head, shoulders, and upper back. You typically also have muscle tightness that you can feel when you touch the muscles. Stiffness and limited mobility in terms of being less able to move your neck from side to side and up and down as usual may also occur. Neck pain may happen in conjunction with loss of balance.


If you suffer from neck pain, whether often or just occasionally, there are many solutions that can address this issue. These include chiropractic care, which involves adjusting imbalances with the musculoskeletal system and addressing overall imbalances throughout the body.

Another possible treatment for neck pain is physiotherapy. It involves a practitioner placing hands on the painful area to manually move and release tension and tightness in joints and muscles.

Acupuncture, which is a Chinese medicine modality that involves placing extremely thin needles into various points of the body, can be help to reduce any type of injury or pain, including neck pain, by assisting with the movement of energy throughout the body.

These are just a few of the highly effective treatments that are available for neck pain. Prevention, such as being conscientious about your posture and not lifting items that are too heavy, can go a long way toward addressing neck pain. This type of pain can be excruciating and can interfere with your daily activities, but by seeking out these types of solutions, you can get back to your usual routine.

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