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Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Peripheral nerve blocks are injected into the peripheral nerves, which are located outside the brain and the spinal cord.

How it Works

Peripheral nerve blocks are performed using x-ray imaging in order to guide the doctor to the correct spot. A local anesthetic and long lasting steroid are injected into the targeted area in order to reduce pain, burning, and tingling associated with peripheral nerve conditions. This pain management injection prevents pain signals from being sent to the brain from the nerves.

Peripheral nerve blocks can also be used as a diagnostic tool. If the injection is successful, it is confirmation that the peripheral nerves are causing an issue.


There are many different types of peripheral nerve disorders that can cause pain, including those related to injury, complex regional pain syndrome, and diabetes.


You will feel almost immediate relief from the local anesthetic, which will wear off in a few hours. More permanent relief from the steroid takes effect in a few days.

Redness and soreness at the injection site is possible, but this is only temporary. You will be able to resume regular activities the next day.

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