Tension Headaches Can Impact Relationships and Lifestyle

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A woman sufferring from tension headache.

The occasional tension headache is a minor inconvenience for most people. However, when you begin to suffer from chronic bouts of this debilitating condition, it can impact all aspects of life. Getting to the root of the problem is the first step toward finding relief.

Tension headaches can present in pressurized pain in general or in localized areas of the head and neck. Once an attack comes on, your ability to function normally is severely impacted. This type of headache is brought on by issues such as stress, mental distress, lack of rest and overwork.


Many of our favorite pastimes involve some level of exertion. Unfortunately, this is one of the triggers of tension headaches. Once a flare-up occurs, you may need to take pain medications to achieve relief.

Easing the symptoms of a tension headache after exertion will not prevent further flare-ups. Until the root cause is determined and eliminated, you may need to refrain from participation in triggering activities.

Sleep Problems

Sleep issues with tension headaches can become a vicious circle. If you are having trouble settling at night, poor quality of rest can result in tension headaches. In turn, tension headaches can exacerbate your inability to sleep.

Both problems combined can lead to further health problems such as depression, fatigue, mood swings and loss of concentration. You probably won’t feel up to taking part in fun or social activities. In fact, even making the effort may be enough to bring on a headache.

Personal Relationships

Personal relationships are often an escape from the health conditions that plague us. If you suffer from tension headaches, making love to your partner may become out of the question.
The physical exertion alone is a trigger. When you factor in the emotional and mental energy that goes into relationships, tension headaches are a mood killer. These problems can lead to arguments and strain on otherwise strong relationships.

If you are suffering from chronic tension headaches, it is time to connect with Allied Pain & Spine Institute. We will identify the cause of the problem and create an effective treatment plan.

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