Four Common Causes of Knee Sprain

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close up on a sore knee during training

The knee is a major load-bearing joint. A sprain can lead to debilitation, pain and discomfort. People of all ages are susceptible to knee sprains. However, quick movements and twisting are two of the contributing factors that are likely to cause a knee sprain or strain. As such, athletes are more likely to suffer this type of injury.

You will feel pain and discomfort if you have suffered a knee sprain. Movement of the joint becomes limited, which is a detriment to participating in sporting activities. If you have suffered knee trauma, you may have a knee sprain that develops over time.

Sudden Impact or Twisting Movements

Twisting motions can put a strain on ligaments and tendons. Athletes need to repeatedly twist and turn during sporting activities. Issues can arise from running, jumping or quickly changing direction. The excessive strain placed on ligaments and tendons can lead to strains.

It is crucial that athletes wear appropriate footwear when competing. If you have any preexisting medical issues, speak to your doctor or an orthopedic specialist about knee protection. Warming up before physical activity can also help you avoid knee sprain injuries.

Another issue that athletes face is repetition. The knee can take a lot of stress but has its limits. If you are constantly training, injuries can develop quickly. Taking regular breaks and varying training activities can help to reduce the strain on the knee joint and supporting tissues.

Weak Muscles and Imbalances

When muscles weaken it results in imbalance. If you have weak ankles, you may also experience knee sprains. Utilizing proper support, such as wearing supportive shoes, will help you recover faster. Remember to warm up before any physical activities to protect your knee health.

There are many implications of a knee sprain. Sufferers may find it difficult to walk, run or participate in physical activities. Call Allied Pain & Spine Institute for advice and treatment today in San Jose. Our team of specialists can quickly diagnose the source of your pain and recommend an appropriate treatment plan to return you to full, pain-free mobility.

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