6 Benefits of Functional Restoration Programs for Injured Workers

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A functional restoration program, or FRP, utilizes the strengths of multiple specialists on a highly qualified team to support a patient through recovery from a difficult injury. Many workers find that programs like this help treat them as a whole instead of just the injury. A complex, painful injury can often affect us mentally, so relying on medical, mental and pain management professionals is often preferred.

Take Back Control of Your Health

Through various treatment methods and a skilled team to support you, you can take back control of your health. You will learn how to make important decisions regarding your medical care and pain management. FRP can allow you to provide feedback to your team of specialists as you recover.

Improved Pain Management

More goes into pain management than medications, and sometimes those pain medications make it more difficult for you to get back to work. By better treating the problem medically and approaching pain management from several directions, you have a clearer path to vocational rehabilitation.

Regain a Productive Lifestyle

It’s not always about getting back to work, but about the life you have outside of work as well. Through a functional restoration program, you could find productivity in your personal life and relationships. If your injuries have affected your lifestyle, then this program could help.

Limit Need for Future Treatment

When approaching rehabilitation from multiple angles, you reduce the need for future treatment. Your highly qualified team of medical professionals, counselors and pain management specialists will help you understand your injury in new ways, as well as how to recover and live functionally.

Return to Gainful Employment

Any injured worker has the ultimate goal of returning to their job. Your FRP team works hard to make that possible. If it’s not, the program can help you learn what limitations you have and what new lines of work might be better suited for you, given your previous experience.

Alternative to Surgery

For some, functional restoration can prevent the need for more invasive treatment options such as surgery. Learning to better manage an injury or recover both physically and mentally from that injury may take time, but often much less time than recovery from painful surgery.

If you’ve been injured and your ultimate goal is to return to work as a whole, healthy person, then our functional restoration program might work for you. Call Allied Pain & Spine Institute today to set up a consultation at one of our clinics.

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