Choose a Specialist Treatment for Recurring Headaches

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Most people will experience a headache at some time in their lives. In the majority of cases, treatment does not require professional medical intervention. Drinking plenty of water, getting rest and medication like ibuprofen will resolve most minor headaches.

However, some people suffer headaches that are extremely debilitating and frequent. This can severely impact quality of life and effect productivity. Severe headaches can negatively influence personal relationships and even your career due to frequent absences. If you are struggling due to problematic headaches, we at Allied Pain and Spine Institute would recommend a consultation with our specialist team.

Different Types of Headaches

Headache is a catch-all term that encompasses a range of neurological pain. The pain, cause and treatment for each kind of headache are different. For example, a tension headache is characterized by a pressure pain that may occur in one part of the head or radiate through the entire cranium. This discomfort may be accompanied by dizziness, weakness and fatigue.

Migraine headache symptoms usually begin with recognizable signs that an attack is imminent. Sufferers may experience visual auras such as flashes of light or blind spots. Sensitivity to light or tingling in the arms and legs may also occur. The migraine proper will include a pulsing or throbbing pain in the head that is more severe than a tension headache. This can coincide with nausea and vomiting, difficulty in speaking or finding words and blurred vision.

Often confused with a headache or migraine, occipital neuralgia is caused by inflammation or damage to the optical nerve. Patients will experience an intense shooting pain starting from the base of the head and emanating across the scalp. Additional indicators include tenderness of the scalp, dizziness and neck pain.

Avoid Unnecessary Suffering

Despite the availability of effective treatment, many people try to manage chronic headaches at home. Seeking a diagnosis is recommended, as a serious underlying cause could have life-threating consequences.

Thankfully, in most cases, frequent headaches of any kind can usually be managed and treated. At Allied Pain and Spine Institute, we can diagnose your headache and recommend an effective preventive program. Contact us today to free yourself from headache misery.

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