3 Benefits of a Peripheral Nerve Block

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Lower Back Pain

A peripheral nerve block works by preventing the pain signals from the affected area to the brain. It can effectively stop pain and provide significant relief for chronic pain caused by a peripheral nerve disorder. Whether the disorder has been caused by another health condition like diabetes, it was inherited or the nerve pain was left behind after an injury, a peripheral nerve block may be able to help.

It Can Help Diagnose a Condition

If the cause of the pain is unknown, or if there are several possibilities, then using a nerve block may be able to help. This is because not every pain symptom is felt where you would typically expect it. For example, appendicitis usually causes pain in the right lower abdomen. However, some patients may present with pain in their back, hip or another area. It’s the same for nerve pain, and using a nerve block injection can help narrow down the cause and location of the problem.

Quick Relief of Pain Symptoms

As one of the faster pain management therapies available, a nerve block is a popular choice for practitioners and their patients. It can be used on its own, but can also be used alongside other treatments like medications to better manage chronic pain.

Delay or Prevent Surgery

Depending on the reason for the chronic pain, a peripheral nerve block may be able to prevent surgery, or at least delay it. In some cases, surgery can repair one problem but lead to another. By attempting to manage a painful condition with a non-surgical method first, you could prevent the long recovery times and potential medical bills.

If you experience chronic pain and are looking for a more effective solution, a peripheral nerve block may be a possibility. To learn more about this and other options, and to discuss your case with one of our specialists, call us today at (408) 528-8833 to schedule your appointment.

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