Overall Wellness Impacts Injury Recovery in Several Ways

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The body’s ability to recover from illness or injury relies on overall wellness. Have you ever wondered why some people heal faster than others? While some of it depends on factors such as genetics and age, general well-being also has a part to play.

There are several aspects of wellness that impact recovery. If these issues are not addressed, patients may find a treatment path more challenging than necessary. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we believe that overall wellness should receive as much focus as other approaches to treatment.


Coping with an injury is a stressful experience. There are typically constraints involved related to range of motion and mobility. Each patient will also have a set of personal challenges that must be taken into consideration.

The methodologies that we use at Allied Pain & Spine Institute are designed to identify and address stress-related factors in treatment. Helping patients find ways to deal with stress will have a positive impact on recovery in all cases.

Diet & Weight

Certain physical injuries are exacerbated by poor diet or weight problems. Making lifestyle adjustments in what patients eat and drink can aid recovery and improve timescales. There are also secondary medical issues that may impact the effectiveness of a treatment plan, such as diabetes or cardiovascular conditions.

A focus on healthy recovery is one of the key reasons that Allied Pain & Spine Institute offers patients better recovery outcomes. We work closely with each individual to create effective strategies for making the right lifestyle adjustments.

Personal & Working Life

Adjustments at home and work can also promote wellness. If a patient needs special provisions, our team can help with the formulation of a plan. Patients can also discuss reasonable adjustments to workplace environments and equipment with guidance from our orthopedic specialists.

If you would like to know more about how we incorporate wellness in patient recovery plans, reach out to any of our Allied Pain & Spine Institute locations in California today.

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