What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

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Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is used in many different ways. While it is used in the mental health field, it is also beneficial for those undergoing medical treatment or other hardships in their life. One of the methods of psychotherapy that can be useful for those dealing with chronic pain or recovering from a serious injury is cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. We offer CBT at Allied Pain & Spine Institute as one of our treatments to improve the overall wellness of our patients. Here are some of the basics about CBT and how it can be used as one of the treatments for those with disabilities, chronic pain or severe injuries.

How CBT Works

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is talk therapy that can be performed in individual or group sessions. Most CBT sessions last about an hour and are designed to help patients identify negative thoughts or reactions and reform new ways to handle these interactions. For those with chronic pain, it can be feeling hopeless or defeated when they experience pain. CBT can teach patients to recognize these negative thoughts and learn new reactions. This method can help establish a healthier pattern that can break the cycle of discouragement and improve the outlook and attitude for the patient.

CBT focuses on the present and does not involve devolving into the past. This is an effective tool for pain management – both patients and pain psychologists agree that the techniques are powerful for overcoming negative behavioral patterns and improving the quality of life. These tools can be used for chronic pain, disabilities and other stressful situations that can impact a person’s physical and mental wellness.

Pain management and treatment for serious injuries can require a combination of different therapies to have the best results. Every patient is unique and needs to have a treatment plan that will best address their injury, illness or condition. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute in San Jose, CA, we offer a wide spectrum of innovative treatments for our patients, from cutting-edge regenerative medical treatments to psychotherapy options like CBT, to give our patients the best chance of living a fulfilling, enjoyable life.

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