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Endoscopic Surgical Stabilization

Severe back pain can lead to the need for surgery to obtain relief. When a disc or vertebrae needs to be removed or fused, the conventional option is open back surgery for a surgical stabilization. However, these types of surgeries can have high risks and require long recovery times. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, our team of spinal physicians offer endoscopic surgical stabilization that can offer relief for severe back pain with a minimally-invasive, outpatient procedure.

When vertebrae or discs in the spine are diseased or damaged, they can cause significant pain and limit mobility. Removing or fusing these damaged spinal components is the ultimate resolution, creating a stable spine with less discomfort. This stabilizes the discs at the spinal level, yet still allows for motion and flexibility for the patient. Open back surgery has often been used to achieve this effect, but it requires a more invasive operation that can have a long road to recovery. Another option we offer at Allied Pain & Spine Institute is endoscopic surgical stabilization, giving our patients the same results without the high risk and long recovery of conventional surgery.

What is an Endoscopic Surgical Stabilization?

With endoscopic surgical stabilization procedures, our spinal physicians can address issues at the disc level without major surgery. The spine is accessed through a small incision with an endoscope, performing the needed stabilization techniques with specialized tools. The surgical changes needed for stabilization depend on the spinal condition, but the less-invasive approach is the same. Due to the small incision, there is less chance of bleeding issues and less scar tissue. There is also less pain and recovery time needed for the patient after the procedure. This means a quicker return to normal activities for the patient, with an improved quality of life.

If you have been suffering from debilitating back pain and have been recommended to seek back surgery, contact our spinal experts at Allied Pain & Spine Institute today. Endoscopic surgical stabilization may be an option to treat your condition and give you relief, without the need for open back surgery.

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