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Endoscopic Foraminotomy

Many cases of back or neck pain are caused by nerve compression in the spine. When a bone spur is present, or a disc is protruding beyond the normal position, nerves around the spine can be impacted. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we offer many treatment options to relieve back pain due to nerve compression. When conservative methods are not effective, our spinal experts can perform an endoscopic foraminotomy, a minimally-invasive surgery for relieving nerve or back compression.

Our team of spinal experts include physicians with multiple board certifications, offering the highest level of expertise available. If you have been suffering from pain and dysfunction due to spinal issues from an auto accident, injury or degenerative problem, our team can help uncover the problem and find the right treatment solution. When back compression is impacting a nerve, endoscopic foraminotomy can be the solution to finding long-term relief without the need for open back surgery.

What is an Endoscopic Foraminotomy?

With endoscopic foraminotomy, our surgeons use a very small incision to access the area where the nerve is compressed. A small tube is placed through the incision to access the neuroforamen, the space where nerves pass on either side of the spine. Using specialized equipment, the compression on the nerve can be relieved by removing bone spurs, protruding disc material or other issues.

The advantages of endoscopic foraminotomy over traditional spine surgery include a small incision/scar, fewer medical risks, less pain and a quicker recovery. The incision is small enough to cover with a typical bandage, yet the results can be incredible for those with chronic neck or back pain.

To learn more about treatments available for compressed nerve pain or other types of spinal issues, contact our experienced team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute to schedule your initial consultation.

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