Is Your Office Job Providing Zero Relief from Knee Pain?

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When a knee injury has effectively forced you out of a career involving heavy lifting or other strenuous work, taking a desk job seems like the logical move. The transition can prove difficult, given the considerable differences in job requirements and settings. So, the last thing you need is discovering that your new arrangement does not provide the pain relief you expected.

For some sufferers of knee injuries, sitting down on the job can bring relief from associated pain and discomfort. For others, it’s just a different kind of pain that can actually feel more persistent throughout the day. Whatever the case, if you are still finding it difficult to get through the workday due to your knee problems, it’s time to pursue effective pain management.

Managing Knee Pain at the Office

Sitting down does not automatically take all the strain off your knees. In fact, being in the same position for several hours a day may even exacerbate knee pain. Pain management plans can help you make the right workplace adjustments.

This is a project that should include discussions with and input from your employer. Reasonable workplace adjustments will help you get the most from any pain management and treatment plan. For instance, ergonomic aids such as chairs designed to provide additional support for the knees will help relieve pain and discomfort.

A pain management program for an office environment may include exercise that promotes healthy joint movement. Strengthening the knee without overexerting yourself is part of a balanced approach. At the Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we can help you make the adjustments needed to settle into your new job role.

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