Warehousing Injuries Can Lead to an Unhappy Retirement

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Warehousing is a lifetime job for many Californians. When the pay and benefits are good, there is no reason to look elsewhere for work. There are also various roles available, with the prospect of moving up the chain of command based on experience and hard work alone.

However, warehousing is hard work that often involves heavy lifting and repetitive actions that can lead to injuries. You may not recognize the toll that the job has taken on your body until pain, discomfort and limited range of motion become chronic issues.

There is also a risk of suffering injuries in a warehouse, as the workplace is often a potentially dangerous environment. Inadequate training, poor storage practices and improper loading techniques are just some of the factors that can lead to employees getting hurt or killed at work.

Retiring Due to Injury

There comes a point in the working life of a warehouse employee where accumulated injuries begin to take a toll. You may find that you are forced to retire because your body can no longer tolerate the abuse it has taken over the years.

Joint injuries and repetitive strain are the most common complaints from warehouse employees. These conditions are usually the result of performing duties that cause wear-and-tear and similar damage to bones and supporting tissues.

Treatment for Warehouse Injuries

At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we offer a range of treatment options for warehouse retirees who have suffered injuries or developed joint conditions. Our conservative approach offers alternatives to invasive surgeries and similar procedures. We can deliver services including chiropractic therapy, spinal stimulation injections, a functional restoration program and much more.

When you are suffering from pain or limited range of motion resulting from a warehouse injury, seeking treatment early is recommended. By engaging with Allied Pain & Spine Institute services, patients can achieve the level of relief needed to enjoy those retirement years. Our team of specialists is dedicated to providing solutions when current pain management methodologies fail to produce results.

Call Allied Pain & Spine Institute today to discuss your warehouse injuries and get on the path to a better quality of life.

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