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Pain Management Doctors Near Saratoga, California

When you are in constant pain it can impact your professional and personal life, taking you away from the activities that you enjoy the most. Allied Pain & Spine Institute understands how chronic pain can detract from your quality of life. We have designed our practice to give relief to those with recurring pain, back problems and other health disorders. Our clinics near Saratoga can offer a new lease on life for those with chronic pain, with innovative and non-invasive treatments that target the cause of pain disorders.

Covering or masking pain with medication is only effective for short-term pain control. Medications can offer relief, but they also can come with their own side effects and limitations. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we utilize the latest therapies and treatments to minimize chronic pain and offer management for our patients. While we offer medication management for pain, we also have other therapies that can offer long-term relief from chronic pain disorders.

Effective Back Pain Relief

Back or spine disorders are a common cause of chronic pain and limited mobility. Degenerative diseases, injuries and other spinal conditions can be difficult to live with and impact the quality of your life. Our physicians and chiropractors at Allied Pain & Spine Institute offer advanced diagnostic techniques and treatments that can give you relief from back pain using the least invasive options available. If you think back surgery is your only option, come see us first to learn more about non-invasive alternatives to surgery.

Sciatica Symptoms and Treatment

Leg and hip pain, weakness and numbness are common sciatica symptoms. If you have pain that moves down through your lower back, hips and legs, or seems to become worse when sitting, you may have sciatica. Our team at APSI can help determine the cause of your sciatica symptoms at our clinics near Saratoga and offer effective treatment options for relief.

Get back to living life to the fullest. Contact us today and come visit an Allied Pain & Spine Institute clinic near your home in Saratoga to get relief from chronic pain, sciatica, back problems and many other health concerns.

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