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Has chronic pain or a debilitating injury impacted the quality of your life? Allied Pain & Spine Institute is your source in the San Jose area to find the pain relief or injury rehabilitation you need to regain your independence from pain and mobility issues. Our team of medical care providers offers a conservative approach to pain and injury management using the most advanced technology and innovative treatment modalities for excellent results.

Our approach to treating chronic and acute pain disorders, as well as injury management, is different than many other medical facilities. We have focused our care on finding the least invasive methods to help our patients overcome pain and mobility issues. We strive to pinpoint the cause of the pain and work on creating a treatment plan that will offer long-term pain relief and improve function, with the least amount of risk and discomfort for our patient. We accomplish this by employing a team of experts from many medical disciplines and use a multidimensional approach for the treatment of our patients.

Injury and Pain Relief and Management

The founder of Allied Pain & Spine Institute, Dr. James Petros, had a unique vision for the future of pain management treatment. He wanted to create a multidisciplinary clinic that offered a diversified approach to pain relief and injury recovery. He fulfilled that vision when our first facility in San Jose was created. Now with multiple clinics, including our San Jose location at 2724 Aborn Road, we can offer our personalized, cutting-edge treatments to patients throughout the Bay area.

Our treatment services include chiropractic, injection, medication, cryotherapy, orthopedic care and many other options for managing pain and improving function. Our care providers work together as a cohesive team to provide patients a customized treatment plan that is conservative, yet effective, for improving their quality of life when overcoming pain and injury issues.

If you want to explore minimally-invasive and cutting-edge options in pain and injury management, contact contact Allied Pain & Spine Institute in San Jose to schedule your consultation.

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