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An essential component of health and wellness, a healthy spine is often overlooked, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Yet, with as many as 80% of today’s population experiencing some degree of back pain, it is vital to pay attention to spinal health. While genetics or injuries are out of your control, there are lifestyle choices and habits that’ll help keep your back in good shape.

Surprising to some, poor posture is a leading cause of pain in the spine, particularly in the low back region. For instance, picture yourself in a standing position. Is your head upright and level, with your earlobes directly above your shoulders? If you are experiencing back pain, do daily activities cause your head or shoulders to roll forward in a slumping position? If you lift heavy objects, do you avoid twisting your body as you lift?

Perhaps you spend much of your time sitting at a desk. Many individuals experience back pain from poor posture in their chair, or from a chair that is too low or too high. As a rule, it’s best for the knees to be positioned slightly lower than the hips. In addition, if your job requires the use of a computer or digital technology, make sure to look down with your eyes—not your head. This will eliminate the added stress and strain on the upper and middle spine. Additionally, make sure that you do not have to reach for your keyboard or device.

For many, back pain is apparent while sleeping, especially when sleeping on their back. Did you know? Sleeping on one’s back adds up to 50 pounds of pressure to the spine!

Pain Management—At Its Best

When it comes to back or spinal pain, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with in order to receive the best treatment solution. From trauma to numbness or tingling, to night pain or loss of mobility, the team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute is well equipped to provide pain management, at its best.

Our specialists incorporate a number of techniques and modalities to optimize treatment outcomes, including acupuncture, chiropractic, injections, electrodiagnosis, cryotherapy, orthopedic care and non-invasive remedies.

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