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Pain Management Doctors Near Palo Alto, California

When you are in pain, it is hard to enjoy anything in your life. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we have designed our practice to help our patients find relief from chronic pain, back disorders, orthopedic conditions and other conditions. Our clinics near Palo Alto offer the best innovations in medical treatments and a multidisciplinary team to give you the relief you deserve from your pain.

Chronic pain management is most effective when you look for long-term relief instead of temporary solutions. While we understand the need to mitigate pain in the short-term, our goal is to help our patients sustain relief from their pain. We offer medication management, alternative treatments, injections and other therapy options to manage pain and improve mobility for our patients.

Effective Back Pain Relief

Degenerative spine diseases and other back problems can cause excruciating pain and discomfort. Medication only masks the pain and invasive options like back surgery can be high-risk and painful for many back pain sufferers. At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we personalize our spine and back treatments to the patient, finding the least invasive therapy that will provide the best results. Our team of physicians and chiropractors work cohesively to give our patients long-term relief from their back pain at our clinics near Palo Alto.

Sciatica Symptoms and Treatment

Do you have lower back, hip or leg pain that is due to sciatica? Lower back problems can cause sciatica symptoms, limiting your mobility and causing extreme discomfort. APSI has effective options for finding the cause of sciatica symptoms and treatment solutions that can offer long-term relief.

Are you ready to put your chronic pain or back problems behind you? Contact our pain and spine medical experts at Allied Pain & Spine Institute near Palo Alto for innovative solutions to improve your quality of life.

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