Is Cryotherapy Iovera a Good Option for Your Pain?

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man holding his lower back from pain

There is a new pain treatment option called iovera®, which works by applying targeted cold to a peripheral nerve. A precise cold zone then forms under the skin, which is cold enough to immediately stop the nerve from sending pain signals while avoiding damage to the surrounding tissue. The effect is temporary until nerve regeneration occurs. Pain relief from this process typically lasts between three to five months. This pain relief system works without injected medications that may cause hormonal changes and weight gain.

Non-Opioid Nerve Block is Immediate and Long Lasting

This optimal pain relief system has many benefits. This non-opioid system is a minimally invasive procedure. Another added benefit is a focused treatment that is applied to the targeted area only. This therapy is applied without general anesthesia. Iovera treatments can be performed in the office setting and have immediate effects with no medication required. Until now, traditional cryotherapy treatments were invasive and used large, complicated machines.

Post-Operative Pain Relief

The iovera treatment can be used to effectively manage postoperative pain and help with recovery. Most patients can drive back home after receiving iovera treatments.
Pain is transmitted from the affected region to the brain by sensory nerves. Next, the brain then instructs that specific region in the body to alter its function to help mitigate the pain. The body’s response to pain, especially musculoskeletal pain, disrupts the body’s physical function. The presence of this pain reduces one’s ability to carry out normal activities. By utilizing the body’s natural response to cold, iovera technology disrupts the transmission of pain signals.

Cryoanalgesia is the reversible destruction of the signal carrying parts of a nerve. It is a small subset of treatments under the broad umbrella of cryotherapy.

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