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Pain Management Doctors Near Freemont, California

Chronic and recurring pain can make your life miserable, but you can find relief. Our multidisciplinary medical team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute (APSI) offer exceptional options in the treatment of chronic pain and spine disorders, as well as treating maladies for many other conditions. If you live in Freemont, we have a clinic near you where you can explore the options for relieving your pain and improving your well-being.

Chronic pain comes in many forms, stemming from injuries, degenerative diseases, nerve disorders and many other conditions. Our advanced diagnostic tools and treatment options at APSI give our patients access to cutting-edge solutions for managing pain and discomfort. Our team of doctors, chiropractors and medical professionals work together to find the most effective treatment options to give you relief and minimize your discomfort from chronic and recurring pain.

Effective Back Pain Relief

Back pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain that affects a sizable portion of the population. Finding relief is possible with the right medical diagnostic options and treatments. At APSI, we focus on finding the cause of back pain and devise treatment options to offer long-term relief and improved mobility. Our goal is to give our patients access to the least invasive therapies for back pain relief that can eliminate the need for surgeries requiring extensive recovery. Some options include medications, injections, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment and alternative treatments that offer relief with little downtime or need for recovery.

Sciatica Symptoms and Treatment

Many back problems can cause sciatica symptoms that can impact your mobility and comfort. Our clinics near Freemont offer innovative options for determining the cause of sciatica hip and leg symptoms, with targeted treatments to offer relief.

For the latest options in medical care for chronic pain, spinal disorders, back pain and sciatica, come see our team at Allied Pain & Spine Institute near Freemont. We offer a comprehensive approach to finding relief for many debilitating conditions that can improve your life and give you relief.

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