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Tips To Recover from a Groin Strain

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A groin strain is a common injury involving tearing in any of the five groin abductor muscles located inside the thigh. People who participate in competitive sports like baseball, football and karate are more likely to get groin injuries. However, the likelihood of sustaining a groin strain increases when additional factors contribute to the injury.… Continue reading

What’s Up with That Funny Bone?

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It is called the “funny bone,” but in actuality, it is not a bone at all that causes the excruciating pain when you hit your elbow. The ulnar nerve runs from your neck to your hand and innervates the muscles in your hand and forearm. Half of your ring finger and your entire little finger… Continue reading

Sports Injuries

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Physical activity like exercising and playing sports could result in an injury. Proper stretching, training, and gear can help in sports injuries prevention but accidents do happen. Sports injuries can happen over time because you may be putting excessive stress on your joints and muscles. Sports injuries fall into two categories: acute injuries and chronic… Continue reading