Suffering From Golfer’s Elbow?

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With dull and radiating pain, Golfer’s Elbow is a similar condition to tennis elbow, as both can cause pain in the forearm and wrist. Yet, while pain associated with Golfer’s elbow mostly surrounds the bony bump area inside of the elbow, tennis elbow generally results in pain on the outside of the elbow. Surprising to some, the Mayo Clinic reports that anyone who repeatedly uses their wrist or clenches their fingers can develop golfer’s elbow. While some cases are mild and require a bit of rest, others are debilitating. That’s why if you’re suffering from golfer’s elbow, and your range of motion has been affected, or you are experiencing inflammation as a result, Allied Pain & Spine Institute offers a non-surgical technique to chronic tendon pain and stubbornness.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Regenerative Treatment For Golfer’s Elbow

When it comes to golfer’s elbow, overuse and repetitive trauma remains the primary culprit in causing chronic pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, many physicians continue to recommend surgery after attempts at physical therapy and medication and failed. That’s why platelet-rich plasma, or PRP injection treatments are an exciting alternative for those hoping to avoid surgery.

To better understand, platelet rich plasma is a technique in which a patient’s own blood is taken and spun in a centrifuge machine. This process separates the patient’s blood, isolating the protein-rich platelets that contain growth factors. The plasma is then injected directly into the area of pain, where it initiates the body’s natural healing response.

Though blood platelets coagulate and cause blood to clot, thus stopping the flow of blood on a cut, the growth factors released from the platelets call to attention the regenerative (progenitor) cells. These cells are then sent to the site of injection where they serve a natural repair function. PRP injections are cost-efficient, safe and scar-free. What’s more is that recovery is quick and easy.

You Can Experience A Higher Quality Of Life

At Allied Pain & Spine Institute, we value the use of PRP injections as an effective regenerative treatment for golfer’s elbow. Thus, if you’re seeking relief from your elbow pain, and you’d like to avoid invasive surgery, call today. We believe that you can experience a higher quality of life.

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